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District 7640 Public Relations Chair Major Donor Level II Charter Member of South Jersey Rotary eClub District 7640 2014 Secretary for Rotarians on the Internet Fellowship Board Member Rotary Global History Fellowship Zone 32 Membership Representative for the Rotarian Action Group for Peace and Social Media Committee Rotary Foundation Major Donor Level II Peace Benefactor Social Media Blogger on LinkedIn and Facebook. Vice President of CMI Industries Inc. Interact Advisor at Cherry Hill West High School Member of Cherry Hill Business Council ] Master Gardener of Camden County VP of CMI Direct (35+ years) Direct Mail Marketing Interact Committee Member at District 7640 New Generations Greater Philadelphia Area Industry Marketing and Advertising Education Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick The George Washington University Company Website: www.cmi-direct.com Public Experience Interact Committee Member New Generations at Distrist 7640 July 2012 –Present (2 months) Planning and advising programs for youth community service and Leadership for ages 12-18 through Rotary (International) Interact guidelines. Programs mostly include fundraising for charities, hands on involvement with community and foreign charities. Our district Rotary Interact program reaches out globally and supports an orphanage in Santo Domingo. We send members to this facility to "interact" and help. Interact is celebrating its 50th year nationally and across the world. Appointed Member Cherry Hill NJ Business Council June 2012 - June 2015 Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA I have been appointed to the Cherry Hill Business Council. The Business Council’s mission is to work collaboratively with the Mayor, Department Heads, and members of the administration to develop solutions and initiatives for the Township. The Council provides a forum for business leaders to share their opinions, concerns, and suggestions about how the Township can provide better support and assistance, while developing initiatives to market Cherry Hill as a destination for businesses and residents. Together, we ensure the lines of communication remain open and engage in extended dialogue regarding many of the issues and opportunities facing our businesses. Club Interact Liaison to Cherry Hill West High School Rotary International January 2012 –Present( 8 months) Cherry Hill NJ USA This club comprises of Cherry Hill High School Students proforming community service.. They have raised money for UNICEF, donated and wrapped presents for 2 entire families in Cherry Hill They are currently collecting clothes, toys, shoes etc to benefit Doctors Without Borders. This fundraiser collected over 2,000 pounds VP CMI -Direct January 1977 –Present(35 years 8 months) 26 Haddonfield Road Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 II am in the Direct Mail Industry. My Company, CMI Industries Inc was established in 1974 and incorporated in 1991. Since then we have evolved and produce and mail over 15 million pieces of mail yearly. We maintain all the equipment needed to automate and personalize standard, first class and periodical mail. Some of our clients include area hospitals and universities and large associations both profit and non-profit. We also do work for the graphic arts trade (printers and designers). We advise them as to mailability and post office regulations for their clients. We save our clients money and aggravation. We are certified by the post office to qualify you for the best possible rates. We cleanse your database for changes of address, deceased people, vacant address, duplicates, and unable to forward prospects. We also procure mailing lists as per the clients’ geographic and specific markets . I started the South Jersey Postal Customer Council in 1984 and was Industry Co-Chair. The purpose of this organization is to network mailers with the Post Office in a social way to solve issues. For the past 25 years I have been active and in the background of Garden State Rotary of Cherry Hill. In 2011 I was voted in as “Honorary Member”, a highly respected rank. The same year I went on a National Inoculation Trip to Moradabad, India to give polio drops to infants and small children who live without electricity or running water. This was voluntary through Rotary International. In this past year there have been no new cases of Polio in India.

Is Your Business Ready for the X’ers?

SHaring from the Rotary Club of Madison

Rotary Club of Madison, Wisconsin

–submitted by Donna Hurd; photo b John Bonset-Veal

Seeger DebbieDebbie Seeger, (pictured here with club president Ellsworth Brown) in her presentation entitled “Shift Happens,” provided a futuristic view of the incoming workforce, the ensuing competition to attract and retain talent, and how to prepare for the inevitable.

By the numbers: Baby Boomers represent one of the largest generations in history (78 million) and we are aging.  The succeeding generation, Gen X, represents just over half of the baby boomer population.  Clearly, the laws of supply and demand indicate the supply of available workers will not sufficiently meet the potential demand of employers.  The repercussions of poor planning or absence of planning will prove detrimental to a business’s viability.  Defining the gaps in knowledge with the loss of boomers will be an integral part of assessing the needs of the business in its attempt to successfully move from one generation of…

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The tale of two fundraising rides

Help support Rotary Staff at the “El Tour De Tuscon” Wishing them the stamina they need to raise funds for #EndPolio

Rotary Voices

Kristin Brown, center, her husband, Mahmoud Ajamia -- who will also be riding in Tucson -- and Marga Hewko at the bottom of a steep hill on a recent training ride. Kristin Brown, center, her husband, Mahmoud Ajamia, — who will also be riding in Tucson — and Marga Hewko at the bottom of a steep hill on a recent training ride.

By Kristin Brown

I am really excited to be returning to Tucson, Arizona, USA, this week for my second Miles to End Polio event and to join forces with the Rotarians cycling so that others may walk.

It has been an eventful year in the fight to End Polio Now. Nigeria achieved a milestone in July when it passed an entire year without a new case of polio caused by the wild poliovirus. And cases in the two remaining endemic countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, are at an all-time low. But now more than ever, we need to keep the pressure on. One of my biggest concerns is that people will become complacent and fail to recognize the threat…

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Find international service partners in Ecuador

Service in Action

By Amparo Albuja, District 4400 XI Project Fair Committee Chair

DSCN4294 International visitors learn about local club projects at the X Ecuador Project Fair

Every year, District 4400’s local clubs showcase their service projects to Rotarian visitors at the Ecuador Project Fair. These events help foster international partnerships to collaboratively address community concerns through Rotarian-led projects.

Last year’s Fair helped us strengthen existing international relationships while building new partnership in service. The event brought attention to the rising importance of organic agriculture in Ecuador. One of our most popular projects proposed the creation of an agro-ecological demonstration farm to train local farmers on new approaches to farming. Another related project proposed the creation of an auto-sustainable community based on the production of organic fertilizers. Both projects quickly found needed support from our U.S. Rotarian visitors.

Small clubs without global grant experience also have options to obtain international support. Last year, a…

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Meet the Miles to End polio team

Rotary Voices

Last year's team mugs for the camera. Last year’s team mugs for the camera.

John HewkoBy John Hewko, Rotary International General Secretary

On 21 November, Rotary staff members and I will join Arizona Rotary members to bike up to 104 miles in El Tour de Tucson to raise funds for polio eradication.

The event is one of the top cycling events in the U.S., attracting more than 9,000 cyclists each year. We are aiming to raise $3.4 million, which will be tripled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a total of more than $10 million for the fight to end polio.

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Literacy partnership helps children chase their dreams

Service in Action

Rotarian Juliet Riseley and Dolly Parton at Dolly Parton's Imagination Library launch in Australia Dolly Parton (left) and Rotarian Juliet Riseley (right) at Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library launch in Australia

By Dolly Parton, U.S. singer-songwriter and founder of The Dollywood Foundation and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program


These are the opening lyrics to a very special song of mine called “Try.” It’s always been the theme song for my Imagination Library because it really captures exactly why I started the program twenty years ago. I want children to have the opportunity to chase their dreams –no matter who they are or where they live.

It is hard for me to believe that the Imagination Library is now 20 years…

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Celebrating the International Day of Peace in Central Mexico

Rotary Voices

Participants in last year's International Day of Peace celebration form a peace circle. Participants in last year’s International Day of Peace celebration form a peace circle.

By Wendy Coulson Catalán

Upon landing in Mexico in late April, I hit the ground running. I was asked to share my amazing experience as a recent graduate of the Rotary Peace Center in Bangkok at a peace conference organized by our local Rotary club and Camino de la Paz. Soon after, I was invited to participate on the organizing committee for International Peace Day.

There is a huge imperative in the world, and in our little community in Central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, to create peace among our citizens on both sides of a huge social and economic divide. Two years ago, a concerned group of community members came together to promote peace by acting as an umbrella group for all the peace initiatives in town. The group, which includes several Rotary members, calls itself…

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How to use hashtags to promote #Rotary

Rotary Voices

150209_burrellBy Evan Burrell, a member of the Rotary Club of Turramurra, New South Wales, Australia, and a regular contributor to this blog

Have you noticed that everywhere you look these days people are using this symbol #?

To the social media novice, hashtags might seem confusing, annoying, or even pointless at first. But if you understand their purpose and learn how to use them properly, hashtags can be a powerful way to help you engage with new members and the community and increase Rotary awareness.

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